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Baltic Amber + Morganite

Morganite :: Positivity | Energy Calming | Soothing | Gentle | Heart Chakra

Amber :: Purification | Cleansing | Healing | Energy | Joy | Enhances patience | Balance | Strength | Spontaneity | Wisdom | Promotes good luck and success

Charms of Light 

Medium | 13”  - typically fits 1 year - 3 years |  Best to measure around the neck to be sure. To be safe you don’t want the necklace to come up over the chin.

This handmade piece is woven with crystals and certified authentic Baltic Amber from Poland, knotted between each bead and fastened with a barrel screw clasp. 

Safety Disclaimer ~ please use with caution as necklaces may present a choking hazard. Do not leave child unattended with necklace on.  Take off at night before bed. 

Do not wear in the water, as it creates more wear and tear.

Baltic Amber

  • A natural analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Amber is a fossilized resin, not a stone. It is therefore warm to the touch, as well as very comfortable and light to wear.
  • Baltic amber, a tree resin, dates back 35-48 million years. It can be found washed up along the shore in the Baltic regions. Compared with amber from other regions around the world, Baltic amber has the highest levels of succinic acid - a healing agent that aids in pain relief and inflammation reduction. 
  • Wearing Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets on the skin can have a soothing and calming effect on teething babies and toddlers.
  • When amber is worn on the skin, the skin's warmth releases small amounts of healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.
  • Amber's anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are also recognized by allopathic medicine.

We source our amber from Poland, in the Baltic Region. It is certified by the International Amber Association and The Polish Amber Chamber of Commerce and is genuine and pure Baltic amber.

NOTE: Amber necklaces are made for wearing - not chewing or ingestion.


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