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As an NTP, I am 100% for a "food-first" approach. Food should be our first stop for supplying our bodies with the building blocks of nutrients we need to function optimally. Learning to make proper food (and lifestyle) choices brings sustainable results. That being said, supplements are very helpful in giving us the extra nudge we may need if we can't seem to get our fill from food.


There are a number of reasons why our diet can't always provide us with all the nutrients we need. A whole book could be written on it, but for our purposes, I'll just list a few:


  • A diet skewed toward processed fillers (sugar, flour, soy, corn, veggie oils, & the refined processed foods made from such)
  • Soil depletion
  • Consuming food that's not freshly harvested (nutrients dissipate the moment the plants are harvested)
  • Digestive issues


This is where supplementation comes in. Yet, while supplementation can correct nutrient deficiencies reverse acne, we must acknowledge a few facts:


  • The supplement industry is unregulated
  • Some supplements can be challenging to absorb
  • Some supplements can be filled with toxic substances & can do more harm than good! eek!


That's why high quality, targeted supplementation is essential. Good news: there are really good companies out there who provide easily absorbable, clean supplements that actually help. I did the research for you, and on the following pages, you will find the supplements I stand by that can bring quick results to your skin without any harm to your body.


*Supplementation side note: Not all nutritional supplements help alleviate acne. Too much vitamin B12 and iodine can also trigger an acne breakout in some people.